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Die Suche



Saeed Habibzadeh


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Beyond Notes Music Publishing


String quartet, 6 movements



Violin I, violin II, viola, violoncello


Score format

Study score,

Instrumental parts, Bach format

(230 x 305 mm)


Playing time

approx. 09:00 min


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I had been pursuing the musical theme of this piece for a long time. But the idea of ​​composing specifically a quartet from it, was an unplanned and sudden inspiration. The notation was fully completed within two weeks.

Die Suche was composed in the middle of the coronavirus crisis in Germany at the beginning of 2021. Desperation and the search for solutions and ways out were enormous. Nevertheless, my inspiration was not only to portray the collective search, but also the search in personal life. We are searching for something that gives us peace. We are searching for a home, the love of our life, the meaning of life, fulfilment, destiny or for something we cannot define. The four instruments in particular embody and tell us about the different directions of the human search.

For me, it is not a special achievement to burden the musicians with technically complicated phrases just to distinguish oneself. Those who focus on form have little or no content to offer. That is why it is a real challenge in my music to express the true content in the form of feelings, stories and human conditions. Composing or playing notes is not the purpose of music, especially not complicated compositions. Therefore, I believe that the most striking characteristic of a true musician is the
sincere effort to convey the musical content and not to play to the gallery.

True music has a divine origin and therefore is clear, simple, sincere, and flows from heart to heart. Serving this flow is the greatest challenge of every true musician, which he can only fulfil with love and devotion.

This composition is dedicated to everyone who loves the truth, lives the truth and who helps others.

Saeed Habibzadeh
June 2021